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I’m a military spouse and mom of two and have five years of classroom teaching experience. I was a middle school teacher just south of Detroit, Michigan, from 2007-2011, and I saw firsthand how the recession impacted families.

In 2011, I married Richard and moved to North Carolina. We combined our finances and realized we were $60,000 in debt with $100 in our savings and $9 in our checking account. We were scared and overwhelmed but also motivated to pay off the debt. After learning to track our spending and assign each dollar a task, we paid off all their loans within two years and have lived debt-free from November 2013 to May 2021. We bought our first home in May 2021 and now have a mortgage.

We have been blessed with two children, teaching them how to give, save, and spend their money for the last three years. My passion for teaching has shifted, and now I teach my clients how to create healthy financial habits that will empower them to fund their future goals confidently. I specialize in working with teens and their families, teaching young adults how to manage their money before leaving home.   I am an Accredited Financial Counselor, and I teach my clients how to buy what they want without going broke.

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