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Did you sign your kids up for swim lessons? Did you have them take driving lessons? Have you ever consider hiring a financial coach? I believe that too many people have student loan debt. 45 million individuals have on average $35,000 in student loan debt, and that’s not even including auto debt, credit card debt or mortgages. Studies have shown that individuals with student loans are postponing major life milestones like getting married, buying a home, and starting a family.


That is why I became a financial coach.

I teach my young clients how to create healthy financial habits before they leave home.  I work with parents and their teens together through virtual one-on-one coaching sessions.  We discuss each teen’s unique goals and implement real life exercises that deal with earning and using money. When young adults understand how to manage their money, they start to confidently fund their personal goals.


Financial Coaching Process:

  • I have a consultation video call with all my clients.  I listen to their financial questions and concerns, and we decide if financial coaching will help them address their needs. 
  • If my programs are the right fit for the client, I have them sign a contract and pay for the services.
  • I assign tasks to be completed before our first call, and we find a time and date that works with the clients’ schedule to work together. I understand how busy people are with school, work and families, and many of my clients schedule evening or weekend appointments that they attend from the comfort of their own homes. 
  • My programs typically consist of three separate one-hour individual coaching video calls.
  • I also serve my clients as an accountability mentor that will support them along their unique financial journey.

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